May 17, 2017

Why Renting Offices Outside of Dublin is Perfect for Large Multinationals

Being a big business has a lot of advantages, one of them being that you don’t constantly have to prove yourself. In fact, it can be considered that a central city location is typically a hallmark for an up-and-coming business that needs to invest more heavily in creating an image of prosperity and stability.

Larger businesses have the luxury of being able to use their budgets more intelligently. Instead of wasting money on trying to impress people, the larger and more well-established business can divert these funds to other purposes like marketing, R&D or human resources.

The cost savings from renting an office in Maynooth, or anywhere outside of major metropolitan areas, can be substantial. Apart from the obvious direct financial benefit, there are also other advantages such as those listed below:

More Peaceful Work Environment

The hustle and frantic pace of the city can be exciting, but it can also be distracting. Furthermore the noise, crowds and pollution can make life more stressful. Being located in a quieter and more relaxed environment may make your workforce more productive. Dublin certainly has its highlights, and many people would regard it as a beautiful city, but nobody could honestly describe it as a peaceful work environment.


Depending on a lot of different factors, some of your workers could face a slightly longer commute. However, this can be offset by the greater availability of parking spaces and cost savings from not having to pay exorbitant city parking rates. Taking the bus or other forms of public transport in and out of Dublin city is also unreliable due to traffic and delays. Workers living locally outside of Dublin will also tend to have lower housing costs and other benefits compared to city living.

Dependable Workforce

City workers tend to be ambitious and as a result, staff retention can be a challenge. When an employee leaves, they take with them valuable business intelligence about your company and everything you have invested in training them.

When a large company establishes in a more rural community, it becomes a valuable source of employment to that community. Not only are workers more likely to stay long term, it is not uncommon for multiple generations of the same family to work for a company. Workers are likely to be more loyal than city workers and multinationals might find it easier to form a more cohesive team.

Modern Construction

It’s a bit ironic, but commercial property in Dublin often tends to be in older buildings, where the infrastructure can be less than ideal. Outside the central city area, developers have been able to put up modern structures that are better suited to business purposes than some of those buildings in the city.

With so many advantages to renting your office space outside Dublin city, you can see it is definitely worth at least giving some consideration to the idea. Renting inside the city will usually cost more and deliver less. The alternative will, therefore, provide better value over the long term.

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