August 31, 2018

Who Uses Co-Working Spaces?

The use of co-working spaces has caught on significantly in Ireland. There is, however, a common misconception that co-working space is simply just the home of tech start-ups all budding to be the next Google or Facebook. However, take a walk around any co-working spaces and you’ll see they’re not just for techies. The attractive alternative to home offices and long, expensive rental agreements, co-working spaces are home to professionals from many different industries, backgrounds and companies.

In any large co-working space, you can find founders, owners and employees of more than 50 companies. So, let’s take a closer look at whom you can expect to meet in one of these types of office space:

Budding Entrepreneurs

Start-ups and budding entrepreneurs often make co-working spaces their first home to provide them with an environment for growth as learning to walk before you run is critical for any new business.

Until they have been trading profitably for a few consecutive years, taking on the cost and accountability of a long-term lease for an office or business space can be a significant risk. It can also be a huge financial overhead to bear and one that can prove off-putting to potential investors.

A co-working space can provide the ideal environment for growth, where budding start-ups can network with and learn from other entrepreneurs on a daily basis.

Digital Nomads

The lucky digital nomads of the world, who work from where they want and when they want, are always on the search for a co-working space, whatever country they are currently visiting.

That’s why you are likely to meet digital nomads currently enjoying a stopover or trip to Ireland in your co-working space quite frequently. They might only be around for a week or two before new arrivals take their place but that’s the life of a digital nomad!

Established Sole Traders

Established sole traders, from accountants and tax advisors to graphic designers and marketers, prefer to work from co-working spaces as they can provide a more business-like environment than home offices.

They can work without interruption, get through paperwork and have a professional environment that they can use as their business address and bring clients to. They can enter flexible agreements which suit their needs too as office space may not be as critical for sole traders at quieter periods of the year or they may not need co-working space 5 days a week.

Employees of Foreign Start-Ups

As start-ups abroad look to expand their global presence, it pays to have people on the ground in countries where they are looking to establish themselves, especially in terms of sales, customer support and service agents.

Using a co-working space to house employees in new markets is the easiest, most cost-effective and low-risk way for them to set up shop and create a base in a new country.

Employees of Global Corporations

Global corporates are becoming some of the biggest users of co-working spaces. Finding an office space and establishing a team in Ireland can take a long time. By using co-working facilities, they can get up and running much faster and provide hubs for remote employees to go if they want to work in a formal office space rather than working from home.

Corporates also like that their employees are mixing with entrepreneurs and start-ups as it can motivate entrepreneurship, driving employees to find ways to innovate and identify growth opportunities.

A co-working space is one of the most diverse and vibrant business environments you will encounter. It’s bustling and buzzing and every day you’re likely to see a new face while having the set-up and space you need to get focused and down to work.

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