July 24, 2019

What Should a Fully Serviced Office Have?

As the number of people working remotely is on increase, the serviced office market has been experiencing a boom worldwide. A serviced office space shouldn’t consist just of a desk and an Internet connection. A modern serviced office should represent your business, needs and lifestyle. This is a reason people are looking for the best options serviced offices can give you nowadays. Discover what is a serviced office and what you should be looking for when finding the perfect workspace for your business.

What is a serviced office?

A serviced office is an office space, complex of offices in a business centre or an office building which is commonly used for a business purpose rented to other companies on a short or a long lease. It is a fully equipped flexible workspace managed by an office provider (also known as serviced office broker).

Serviced offices have become widely popular among small and medium business during the last couple of years all over the world. The main reason why companies rent serviced offices for their corporate activities is they are fully equipped and extremely flexible. Serviced office spaces are usually ideal for companies operating online where no need for personal interaction is often required. However, serviced office spaces are usually located in an office building where meeting rooms and board rooms are available in case of a meeting scheduled. Serviced offices also offer temporary office space for companies which are moving from one location to another or for individuals who work remotely and need a quiet workspace with a proper desk and Internet connection provided.

Which facilities should be included in a serviced office?

There are many benefits of a serviced office but the main one is the autonomy and flexibility it gives to your business. A fast Internet connection and an own desk are essentials which can’t be avoided, however, there are many more facilities it gives your serviced office comfort and extra glamour.

Many entrepreneurs choose serviced offices with extra facilities such as 24/7 access to the building, car parking lots or bike racks and a reception service included. The benefit of having a parking lot helps especially for those commuting to the office by car. Many times, the serviced office broker provides mail and call handling which ensure the queries from your customers will not be ignored.

Kitchen or canteen is a welcomed part of a serviced office complex as it provides extra space dedicated to lunch breaks. Many times, kitchens are equipped with a coffee machine or a fridge where you can store your food prepared for the day. If there is not a particular coffee machine, there is usually a coffee shop in the building where everybody can buy a great cup of a hot beverage and snacks. Spending all day in the office can be exhausting and that’s a reason why every good serviced office should have a shower facility.

These small details can make a huge difference during the decision-making of which office to choose.

Let’s recap the most essential facilities every serviced office should include:

  • 24/7 Access
  • Reception Services
  • Secured and Fast Internet Connection
  • Mail & Call Handling
  • Coffee Machine or Coffee Shop
  • Car Parking & Bike Racks
  • Shower Facilities       
  • Meeting Room or Board Room

If you are looking for a serviced office which has all the benefits mentioned above, visit Digital Office Centres and choose from four different locations inside and outside Dublin City.

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