March 15, 2018

Top Tips for Hot Desking

As companies are constantly look for ways to save space and money, hot desking is becoming more and more popular in businesses around the world. The concept of hot desking isn’t necessarily a new one but some people are still unsure of exactly what it entails. So, what is hot desking?

Hot desking (also know as coworking space) is a concept where people don’t have a designated desk but, instead, they can sit anywhere there is a desk available when they arrive at work. It is a system in which multiple individuals use a single physical work space during different time periods. Hot desking is also most commonly used in workplaces where employees have flexible schedules or it doesn’t make sense for a business to own or rent an entire premise. More often than not, you may be seated next to someone who may be from a different company and background. 

Most business owners and employees love hot desking as it makes the workplace more flexible and proactive. It is also very useful for single entrepreneurs who wish to work in an office space for the day rather than work at home.  

These are the tips to stick to if you want to ensure that you, and others in the office, have the best hot desking experience that you can:

Tips for Hot Desking

  1. Punctuality
  2. Getting to work early or on time is essential when it comes to hot desking as you’ll have first pick when it comes to what desk you’d like to work at.

    Working from your favourite spot can positively impact your productivity and the quality of the work you produce, so it’s important to get in early to get the right seat.

  3. Cleanliness
  4. One of the most important factors in any hot desking scenario is ensuring that you clean your desk at the end of the day. Every single person needs to be considerate of others and clean up their desks to ensure that whoever gets the desk the next day comes into a clean working environment.

    Dirty desks can often lead to resentment and conflict in the office space and hot desking eliminates all of that.

  5. Organisation is key
  6. With a hot desking process in place, it means that you won’t have designated storage space on your desk making it imperative that you have a very good organisation system, as there’s no opportunity to leave pieces of paper lying on your desk.

    In fact, see this as an opportunity to declutter your life and get your organisation into better shape. Your future self will thank you for it.

  7. Balance
  8. One of the best things about hot desking is the opportunity it presents to socialise with the different people in the office; however, this is also a prime opportunity for distraction. So, it’s important that you find the right balance between being friendly and social, and blocking out distractions that stop you from doing your work.


Coworking and hot desking your way to creating a successful business is totally possible when you know what to expect from the process. If you follow these simple tips, you’ll be able to enjoy this contemporary office trend and make the very most of your time when you’re at work.

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