June 21, 2017

Small versus Large Business: Which Office is Best?

There are a multitude of options out there when it comes to choosing office space. Likewise, there are all kinds of businesses that share the same definitive goal (to serve their customers as best as they possibly can) but their requirements when it comes to office space can vary significantly, which is why there is so much choice available these days.

If you’re looking for an office space for your business, it’s important to find a solution that will cater for your specific requirements, as this may be the single most important factor in determining the success of your business.

For example, if you’re the owner of a small start-up where you plan on scaling but your team will all work remotely, a co-working office space will suit you just fine, and won’t hinder the growth of your business.

On the other hand, however, if you own a large business and you are planning for an expansion with an in-house team, a co-working office space will prevent your business from reaching its full growth potential. Therefore, a serviced office space that can comfortably withstand your growth projections would be a much better option in this scenario.

If you’re struggling to see which kind of office space would best suit your requirements, the following are a few of the options that are available to you.

Virtual Offices

Growing rapidly, virtual offices are very popular throughout Ireland and the rest of Europe. They are particularly appealing to smaller businesses and start-ups as the overhead costs can be significantly lower than what’s involved in a typical office rental.

Virtual offices remove many of the day-to-day expenses, such as cleaning and electricity, whilst allowing business owners to still benefit from having a local mailing address and telephone number.

Serviced Offices

One of the biggest upsides in working from a serviced office is that occupants don’t have to stress about furnishing and maintaining their space. Reputable office spaces will come with a flexible lease, be fully furnished, provide occupants access to highly trained staff, and a cleaning and maintenance service should come as standard.

All of these benefits have made serviced office spaces an ideal solution for large multinational corporations in the UK who want to relocate to Ireland as a result of Brexit.

Hot Desking

Hot desking is the pinnacle of flexibility. It’s where a number of people share communal computers and desks instead of having an individually allocated workstation.

Hot desking is ideal for medium to large sized companies that have staff working over the course of a 24-hour period, and it’s also suited to companies where all staff members aren’t in work at the same time.

Which option is best for you?

There are benefits and drawbacks to each of the options listed above so it’s important that you, determine what your specific requirements are and what’s important for your business.

Will it be advantageous for you to have a virtual office so you can grow as quickly (or slowly) as you need? Are you looking to network with other like-minded business owners? What’s the budget that you have to work with? Do you need the facilities of a conference room to conduct meetings?

Once you answer all of these burning questions, you’ll have a much clearer vision of your requirements and what kind of facilities you need to maximise your bottom line. The result? Choosing an office space for your business will be a much quicker and much more stress-free process.

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