January 10, 2016

The Benefits of Serviced Offices

When you are planning to start up a business, one of your primary concerns will more than likely be at having offices. Serviced offices are often overlooked purely because their monthly rental fees are higher, however, you must always look at the big picture before coming to a decision on what may suit your needs. Even though they may sound like an expensive option, in reality, serviced office accommodation can help your business grow on a flexible, cost effective basis. Here we take a look at the advantages they can offer…

Great Address & Ideal Location

Generally boasting prime business locations in city centres or stylishly designed offices close to major transportation hubs, serviced offices allow your business card to resonate with impressive details, enhancing your professional reputation.

Added flexibility with short term lease agreements

One of the main reasons why many businesses chose to take space in a serviced office is flexibility it gives them. Conventional leases, which typically last for three to five years, tie businesses to their offices. In direct contrast serviced offices are available for as short as three months to as long as one year, and renewable thereafter. In a serviced office tenants are able to expand and contract as they wish, usually at very short notice.

One single bill

Serviced Office space also makes billing headaches a thing of the past – with only one, all inclusive bill every month, covering services such as services rent, heating and office maintenance, this also benefits your finances, making it easier to budget when you have more fixed costs. In addition infrequently used space, such as conference and meeting rooms, are supplied and payable on a “pay-per-use” basis so that meeting room you need for an average of 5 hours per week is not costing you rent, rates, service charges, heating etc for all of the rest of the time when it is empty.

Networking Opportunities

Serviced offices give you the chance to network and cross sell with a variety of other businesses residing within the same building. Where else can you get the chance to mingle and discuss different ideas with a wide variety of professionals from different industries every single day, without even having to leave your office!

Maintenance comes as standard

Spending time and money maintaining an office can be seen as an unnecessary expense. In a serviced office this cost is included in the rental fee, allowing you to save time and money – you need not worry about cleaning, building security or even changing a light bulb, so you have more energy and time to focus on your workload.

Value for money

Serviced offices don’t just offer businesses a temporary office space solution or small businesses a desk while they are starting up. They also offer permanent solutions to businesses of all sizes because of the flexibility they allow and the services that they provide. By doing away with initial capital outlays and hidden charges inherent in conventional leases  serviced offices can provide substantial cost savings for office users. They offer businesses simple and transparent pricing that can provide real value for money when all the costs associated with long-term leases are taken into account.

Or alternatively you might prefer  to use Hot Desking or perhaps a Virtual Office is more suited to your needs.

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