May 9, 2016

Pros & Cons of Hot-desking


With a good Wifi connection and a laptop its very easy to work effectively outside of an office. As the very nature of business is changing, a lot of your employees, such as salespeople, are not in the office 5 days a week. Why does your company need to waste money for desks that are not being used all the time. This is where Hot-desking is the obvious solution for a workforce capable of working in a more dynamic and flexible way than ever before.


Desks take up space in an office, fewer desks ensure that less office space is required. Hot-desking can have a dramatic effect on reducing office space, sometimes by 20-30% when thought out properly, so it is definitely worth taking a look at, especially in relation to the next advantage.


This is probably on of the main considerations for using Shared Office Space like Hot-desking, especially for the small to medium sized businesses. Particularly in desirable areas, office space is prohibitively expensive and can make matters difficult for businesses. Reducing the amount of necessary office space, hot-desking is pretty much as cost-efficient a method of running a coherent workplace as you can hope for.


Hot-desking has been adopted by creative organisations who have spotted this further advantage. Hot-desking brings all employees closer together and this can reap dividends for you the employer in terms of encouraging communication, improving teamwork and fostering ideas amongst your employees. Creativity is an essential ingredient of any prosperous organisation and hot-desking can act as a catalyst for the kind of innovative thinking that keeps a business healthy and prosperous.


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Or alternatively you might prefer your own space, dedicated for you, in the form of Shared Office Space.

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