Virtual offices

How Can a Virtual Office Benefit My Start-Up?

Starting up a new business, especially a home based one, comes with many challenges to be faced. One of the most difficult that you are likely to encounter is the perception from potential customers that you’re not a “real business”, and they’ll sometimes behave towards you according to that perception. As a result, you can […]

Virtual offices

Who Should Use a Virtual Office and Why?

Our working times and habits are rapidly evolving in Ireland. Technology makes things that weren’t even fathomable 30 years ago totally possible today. Business owners and entrepreneurs are taking every advantage of technology when it comes to where they choose to do business from. Paying huge money to rent an office space that’s not really […]

Virtual offices

Brexit & Virtual Offices: Why Rent in Dublin?

For many businesses in the UK, the potential implications of Brexit have been a source of serious concern, even for those who voted in support of Brexit. Settling into the EU was difficult enough for Britain, even though they never truly embraced their position within the EU. They maintained separate currency and practised stricter immigration […]

Virtual offices

Benefits of a Virtual Office

Virtual offices, telecommuting and telework all mean essentially the same thing: employees work from another location outside of the traditional office. A Virtual Office Space creates an opportunity to conduct business in a professional manner with their clients and develop a great impression while networking. A virtual office space offers all the advantages of an […]

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