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May 11, 2017

6 Things You Need to Have on Your Office Desk

Modern office design always aims to achieve a clean, sleek aesthetic. Having an office desk that is overflowing and full of clutter is not appealing in today’s office space. In a digital world, there is simply no need for files upon files and sheets of paper to be strewn across your desk. Let’s not even […]

Tips and Tricks
April 25, 2017

Top Tips for Ensuring Happy Employees

Studies have shown that happy employees are more productive employees. If someone is happy in their job role, they’re likely to go the extra mile at work. So how do you ensure that your employees are happy at work, especially when job satisfaction isn’t always down to the salary they earn or any added benefits they […]

Tips and Tricks
December 13, 2016


Most people attend networking events to gain something: job leads, referrals, exposure, connections, opportunities to grow their business. True networking occurs when there’s an understanding that everyone in the room has equal value. In its purest form, it’s about people enjoying other people, communicating passions and connecting with others who share those passions. The most […]

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December 9, 2016

Starting your own business

Do you dream of being your own boss? Is your business idea bound for success? Before you jump on that start-up bandwagon, there are some things to remember. Too often, budding entrepreneurs spend all of their time planning the business structure, looking at funding options, seeking professional advice and imagining their potential success – all […]

Clients, Customer Service, Tips and Tricks

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