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July 24, 2019

What Should a Fully Serviced Office Have?

As the number of people working remotely is on increase, the serviced office market has been experiencing a boom worldwide. A serviced office space shouldn’t consist just of a desk and an Internet connection. A modern serviced office should represent your business, needs and lifestyle. This is a reason people are looking for the best […]

Serviced offices
October 25, 2018

What Your Office Space Says About Your Business

If you choose to have an office space for your business, you are literally putting yourself out there. You are on display, as it were, and your aims, dreams, and even the way you work are all available for everyone to see. It’s important, therefore, to create an office space that offers everyone a good […]

Serviced offices
October 5, 2018

7 Ways to Keep Employees Motivated

One of the core components of your business has to be your employees. Without them, your business simply wouldn’t be able to run, let alone grow and make money. Therefore, it’s essential that you are able to keep your employees completely motivated so that they are productive and excited about doing their work. The happier […]

Serviced offices
August 31, 2018

Who Uses Co-Working Spaces?

The use of co-working spaces has caught on significantly in Ireland. There is, however, a common misconception that co-working space is simply just the home of tech start-ups all budding to be the next Google or Facebook. However, take a walk around any co-working spaces and you’ll see they’re not just for techies. The attractive […]

Serviced offices
August 22, 2018

Why Do Startups Prefer Serviced Offices?

While serviced offices may not be the first workspace to come to mind when you think about startups, they’re actually a preferred option. Startups of all kinds need a place to do business and serviced offices come with a variety of lease options and facilities ready to go. Hence, this kind of office space is […]

Serviced offices
July 27, 2018

Is Hot Desking Right For You?

Hot desking isn’t some new phenomenon. However, with the cloud, and all the various new methods of communications, the prospect of hot desking has become a more attractive option for lots of businesses. If you’re pondering whether your business could thrive by breaking free from long-term office letting agreements and hopping onto the hot desk […]

Serviced offices

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