August 21, 2019

Benefits of a Serviced Office Near Dublin Airport – Swords

The trend of remote working is on the increase and many companies and individuals enjoy working from outer city areas because of several reasons – it saves time spent on commuting, and also, it offers a strategic location which is not crowded. This applies especially on Dublin City which is located in a wide area and going from one end to another takes more than one hour. People who are using serviced offices in Dublin started to prefer workspaces outside Dublin City, such as our offices in Swords or in Maynooth. However, there are different options when it comes to working possibilities. If you could choose between working in the city centre or working outside the centre, which one would you choose? Read below a few benefits of working in a serviced office space or coworking space in Swords we summarised for you.

Digital Office Centre Dublin Airport Swords

Location outside the Dublin City

If you know the busyness of Dublin city centre, especially in the morning and afternoon hours, you can imagine how much time you spend in traffic daily. The usual 9 to 5 working schedule is causing long commuting for those who don’t live in the city centre or nearby. A serviced office located outside the centre would save you a lot of time spent on the road. If you are lucky enough to have a remote working option from your employer but you still need a proper office space in a business environment, a serviced office in the outside areas of Dublin would be the best match with your needs. A surprising fact for you could be that a number of SMEs are settling down outside city centres because of saving time spent on commuting for their employees. Location of office space outside the city has a lot of benefits and commuting is one of the main factors when deciding for the next flexible workplace.

Being close to Dublin Airport

Those of you who travel on a regular basis or fly for business trips can get familiar with the struggle of finding a flexible office space for your stay abroad. Our offices in Swords are located just beside Dublin Airport to ease your commute. If you come to Dublin just for a few days or you are planning to travel in a while, you can enjoy the possibility of having your workspace area within reach from your Terminal. 

If you want to know more about how an office space located outside a city centre can benefit from its location, read our post about 8 reasons of having an office space located outside Dublin City 

Enough space for your growing business

If your company is growing, you will probably need space for more people in a while. Serviced offices in Swords are located in Swords Business Centre which is fully prepared for your business needs regarding you are a small or medium-sized company, requiring a single desk or desks for your whole team. Moreover, there are special rooms dedicated for your meetings, conference, video calls or workshops where can fit up to 100 people at the same time.

Reception services & 24/7 access

One of the biggest benefits of working from a serviced office is having all-day access to the building with a proper reception service at the entrance. It means you can enter your workspace any time you wish (which is particularly good for those commuting or coming from the Dublin Airport at late or early hours). We also provide call & mail handling services included in the package.

If you are interested in what a fully serviced office should have, read our latest post in our Blog section.

Car parking & bike racks

For everyone coming to the Swords offices by car or bike, you can be sure there will always be enough space. Working from an office outside of the city centre ensures parking space is not crowded and your parking lot will be waiting just for you.

Coffee shop to keep you awake

We know coffee is your daily fuel. You don’t have to go anywhere far to have a cup of freshly brewed coffee. Our Swords offices are located in the Business Centre with a coffee shop included where you can enjoy coffee and snacks.

Shower facilities

To provide the highest standard for all of you working remotely from our Swords Business Centre, there are shower facilities inside of the building you can use. Using shower can handy for all of you who work the majority of the day and have meeting afterwards, or want to take a break from a workflow and go running nearby and then you can use the shower before going back on track.

Facilities in our Serviced Office Dublin Airport – Swords include:

  • Offices for 1 to 100 people
  • Reception services
  • Call handling
  • Mail handling
  • High-speed broadband
  • Secure comms room
  • Boardroom for up to 20 people
  • Meeting rooms for 2 to 30 people
  • Meeting rooms for 2 to 30 people
  • Training rooms for up to 50 people
  • Coffee shop
  • Extensive car parking
  • Secure bike racks
  • Shower facilities
  • Landscaped surroundings
  • 24/7 Access

If you wish to know more about our Digital Office Centre’s services or would like to book office space, please contact us online or call us on +353 1 541 3700.

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