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Advantages of Serviced Offices

You may have heard the term ‘serviced office’ being bandied about, but you might not be sure of what it means. Sound familiar? If so, this article is for you! If you’d like to know more about how a serviced office works so you can assess whether this kind of set-up would work for you, […]

Serviced offices

Top Tips for Ensuring Happy Employees

Studies have shown that happy employees are more productive employees. If someone is happy in their job role, they’re likely to go the extra mile at work. So how do you ensure that your employees are happy at work, especially when job satisfaction isn’t always down to the salary they earn or any added benefits they […]

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The Difference Between Hot Desking and Co-Working

As the popularity of serviced offices increases many businesses, both big and small, are taking advantage of the opportunities offered by such facilities. In particular, hot desking and co-working are becoming the norm for mobile workers, freelancers and anyone who doesn’t want to be tied to a traditional office and all its accompanying bills and […]

Serviced offices

5 Reasons to Rent a Serviced Office

Whether you’re managing a new start up business or you’ve outgrown your current office space, serviced offices in Maynooth represent a great way to get the office space you need without the commitment and hidden costs of taking out a permanent lease. While many businesses dismiss renting a serviced office as the monthly rental costs are […]

Serviced offices

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