May 11, 2017

6 Things You Need to Have on Your Office Desk

Modern office design always aims to achieve a clean, sleek aesthetic. Having an office desk that is overflowing and full of clutter is not appealing in today’s office space.

In a digital world, there is simply no need for files upon files and sheets of paper to be strewn across your desk. Let’s not even mention the biscuit crumbs, empty coffee mugs and chocolate wrappers!

Aside from detracting from the overall office aesthetic, perhaps what will bother you and your boss most is the fact that cluttered desks impact positivity.

If you’ve a cluttered desk, it’s time to rearrange your working life as you know it. Ok, perhaps that’s a tad dramatic but it’s time to change how you work and create a more efficient, effective workspace.

Whether you work in a serviced office or a shared office space, here are the main 6 things (computer aside) that you really need to have on your office desk.

  1. A Desk Tidy

    Keep your notepad, important files and stationery tidy and organised using a desk tidy. Not only does a desk tidy significantly reduce clutter but it also ensures that you have an immediate go-to place when you require stationery. No more scrambling beneath scraps of paper to find a pen or a paper clip.

  2. Calendar

    Why do I need a calendar when I’ve got all my tasks listed in my e-mail calendar you say? A physical calendar still has a place on your desk. Use it to list priority tasks for the day to ensure they stay front of mind. You can mute those desktop reminders but your physical calendar is a little harder to ignore. Use a desktop calendar that features daily inspirational quotes for good measure.

  3. Hand Held Fan or Heater

    When the climate in your office environment is affecting your ability to concentrate, you need to be able to instantly take action. Keep a multi-functional hand held fan and heater close by so you can immediately take matters into your own hands and acclimatise your work space, maintaining productivity.

  4. Framed Photos

    Pictures of loved ones are very important to have on your desk, but why? It’s said that thinking of loved ones at work can help to reduce stress and negativity and help employees get through their workload in a more positive manner.

  5. Small Snack

    Hunger pangs will slow productivity so if you don’t want to use any of your lunch break catching up on work, keep a small snack on your desk. A small packet of nuts or a small tub of fruit slices are ideal options as they won’t create a mess, yet will provide you with the nutrients and energy required to stay focused.

  6. Bottle of Water

    Staying focused goes hand in hand with staying hydrated. Reduce trips to the water cooler every 30 minutes to refill your tiny plastic cup by bringing a refillable water bottle to work. A one-litre bottle will only need to be re-filled once in the day saving you unnecessary trips away from your desk.

Anything other than the necessary items listed above should not have a place on your desk. If you want to keep additional items close by you while you work, consider putting them in your drawer. Decluttering your desk and office space will help you to move towards a more productive, efficient and effective workspace.

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