April 12, 2017

5 Reasons to Rent a Serviced Office

Whether you’re managing a new start up business or you’ve outgrown your current office space, serviced offices in Maynooth represent a great way to get the office space you need without the commitment and hidden costs of taking out a permanent lease.

While many businesses dismiss renting a serviced office as the monthly rental costs are often higher than other rental options, there are many advantages of renting a serviced office that should be considered.

Why Rent a Serviced Office?

Flexible, short-term lease agreements:

When you don’t know how your business is going to grow, renting a serviced office can give you the extra flexibility you may need.

Rather than signing a conventional lease for several years, which will tie you to a particular location or size of office, you can take out a short-term contract for as little as 3 months. This gives you the flexibility you need to grow or reduce the size of your business, or even to relocate completely.

Some serviced offices can be rented on a daily or a hot-desk basis, which is perfect for the new wave of freelance workers who want an opportunity to work in an office environment without any of the commitment or expense a permanent office brings.

All-inclusive bills:

Rather than having to deal with separate invoices for your rent, utilities, office maintenance and all kinds of extra services, serviced offices issue one all-inclusive bill to cover all these things. This makes budgeting for your overheads so much easier.

Access to extra facilities:

With serviced offices you’ll get access, usually on a pay-as-you go basis, to extra facilities such as meeting and conference rooms.

The opportunity to network:

Working in serviced offices will give you an opportunity to mix with a wide variety of other business owners, enabling you to network and even sell your products or services.

Admin services are available:

If you can’t afford your own admin staff, you can take advantage of the admin services provided on-site. They’ll answer calls for you, forward mail and provide a professional reception service.

No more worries about maintenance:

Office maintenance is included in the rental fee, saving you lots of time and money. There’s no need to worry about security, cleaning or minor & major repairs. They’re all taken care of.

A great location and address:

Many serviced offices occupy prestigious city centre addresses that small business owners normally wouldn’t be able to afford. These offices are often built on out-of-town sites with good access, easy parking and all the facilities that office workers need.

Not just for start-ups or small businesses:

While many people consider serviced offices to be a solution for start-ups or small businesses, they can offer the perfect permanent solution for all sizes and types of businesses.>

There’s no initial capital outlay, there are savings to be made on overheads, and they offer the kind of flexibility that businesses often need in the current market situation.

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